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Epic Battle Fantasy Adventure Story

powiększ pomniejsz original


Probably you already know the "Epic Battle Fantasy" series. This time, you'll play a role of a single team member. You have to find and rescue your kidnapped friend. Develop your hero's skills and fight everything on your way.


Arrows - Movement
S - Attack
QWE - Magic attack
D - Choice and setting of spells


Epic Battle Fantasy Adventure Story

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Avatar kikiriki_HR

2013-09-10 12:37

wow, really awesome game! lot of quests

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Avatar cogero

2013-08-06 13:39


as good as megan fox on my avatar :)))))

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2013-06-19 14:01


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2013-05-22 14:07

TOO HARD for me at moments but good ♥

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Avatar silver

2013-05-22 13:57

@aldo2: and I'm a true role playing fan and this is a perfect game for a people like me

This is a reply to the comment

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2013-05-07 13:40

I can agree with the guy above me: not my type of games, but this one is simply great.

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Avatar ZLATANtooor

2013-05-07 13:26

my brother plays this game for long time
i dont like rpg's but it looks really gooooood

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