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Dungeon King

powiększ pomniejsz original


The minions of Vulkhan have raveged the lands of the Great Northern Mountains unopposed. Crushing any hero brave enough to stand against them. Until now!


WASD or Arrows - Movement
Mouse - Attack
Shift - Choose ability
Space - Use ability


Dungeon King

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Avatar kikiriki_HR

2013-09-04 13:40

Difficult and i don't like it 3

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Avatar KennethP20

2013-08-28 14:02

Loved the story, gameplay is good... but few things could be done better

Vote up 0 Vote down 0


2013-08-21 13:08

not bad, long loading

Vote up 0 Vote down 0


Avatar ZLATANtooor

2013-06-19 13:47

dont like but looking good its just not my type

Vote up 0 Vote down 0


Avatar silver

2013-06-19 13:44

Great idea for a fantasy game
and also well made

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