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Mine Blocks

powiększ pomniejsz original


Something special for fans of a Minecraft game. You can explore a world created by yourself and prepare new, unique items. One and only difference is that the graphics is in the second dimension.


WASD or Arrows - Movement
Mouse - Digging
Shift + Mouse - Laying the bricks
Ctrl - Inventory


Mine Blocks

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2013-09-10 12:09


Vote up 0 Vote down 0


2013-09-06 13:47

this can can be good for someone who plays similiar... :P

Vote up 0 Vote down 0


Avatar kikiriki_HR

2013-09-04 13:20

Poor, i don't like this game 2

Vote up 0 Vote down 0


2013-08-22 13:50

superb game about MC... simply, but good

Vote up 0 Vote down 0


2013-08-21 13:06

i love minecraft and that's average

Vote up 0 Vote down 0


Avatar silver

2013-08-20 14:08

Minecraft is phenomenal and that's a good, 2d alternative for it

Vote up 0 Vote down 0


Avatar KennethP20

2013-08-08 14:02

thanks god there's no any mine-kids yet... poor

Vote up 0 Vote down 0


Avatar cogero

2013-08-07 13:56

played minecraft about year ago

nice and simply game, similiar to MC

Vote up 0 Vote down 0


Avatar ZLATANtooor

2013-08-06 13:11

my brother plays Minecraft and he'll like this game. for me it's too simply, but good idea

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